• You create guitar fingering sequences of your favorite licks and riffs.

  • You sell your fingering technique to teachers and students alike !

  • We all  learn from each other our favorites licks !!!

Animated Guitar Licks !!!


Once you downloaded the Windows application from the Downloads ​tab you can:

Click on any finger to selec it to play a note on the fretboard.

Click on the button Select Playing Finger to select a different finger.
  Now you can click on any fret and string to tell the hand to play.

  You can also select different Play Modes:

​​By right clicking on the fretboard you can open pop-up menu and tell the guitar hand to:
  • play Open strings, or
  • play Chords, or
  • play Chord Open strings, or
  • play taps.
Leave unchecked to play single notes.

You can also Tune your guitar by listening to repeating open strings.

Uncheck Save hand moves menu item to disable recording mode.
Double click on a note in the instrument's staff, or click on it using middle mouse button, to see that note's positions on the instrument: