Click here to download the app for Windows.
Save it somewhere on your computer where you can easilly access it. Double click on the saved file to launch the app.
NOTE: Windows might complain once about the downloaded app with the message Unknown Publisher.
Please ignore this message and click on Run [anyway] to continue.
Sorry for the inconvinience, global warming, and poor stock market performance.

Or click here to download the app for Mac.

Or click here to download the ZIP file for Mac.

Or click here to download Java JAR for Mac.

It's still in progress, there's a chance you will need to make this JAR executable from the command line:
sudo chmod +x AniLicks.jar
And/or execute it from the command line:
java -jar AniLicks.jar
Or simply double click on:

Sorry for this inconvinience, as well as for politics and natural disasters.

To download the license email to  Ani this info:

  1. You login name. Can be your email address, or your login you use at work, or your nickname, just please no funky characters, like  Egyptian hieroglyphs.

  2. Your stage name that you'd want others to see. Like Ringo Starr if you happen to be Richard Starkey, or Sting if you are Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, or simply John Doe if you are... John Doe.
  3. Your beer preferences. Just kidding, no need for that, unless you wanted to share it, we're always interested in exploring new brands.